Festive Gifts Your Loved Ones And Friends Will Love

October knocking at the doors brings along that time of the year when we all indulge in extra shimmery attires, binge eating, get-togethers, lighting up our houses and of course exchanging gifts. It’s an extremely warm way to show respect and love to friends and family and undoubtedly we all want that gift to be special and chosen with utmost care and thoughtfulness. However, as much as we love gifting, it’s a task choosing that perfect gift, isn’t it? Fret not.

How about if we ask you to give the usual sweets and chocolates a rest and consider something more impactful which speaks volumes of your effort while picking the gift?


Walk through our exquisite range of products and be left spoilt for choice. From cushions to rugs to decorative to glassware, every item at Nirmals speaks of luxury. Interested geometric patterns, soothing colors, and beautiful drapes in curtains give a rich look to the ambiance. Make your friends and family feel special with these special gift ideas.

Mix and match from our exclusive range of decoratives by Ahura, glassware by Nude, upholstery fabrics by Guell Lamadrid, known for cutting-edge and high-end interior designs and bedsheets by DeDecor or just pick them individually, each of these products would make a desirable gift this festive season.


Who would think of a gift in the form of soft furnishing? So your gift will shine out and will be cherished always. Each time they’ll use it, they’ll remember your thoughtfulness.

Festivals are always centered around treasured memories from the past while with each passing second making fresh ones. Gifting has over time become more of a tradition in Indian culture and hence we bring you stunning range in soft home furnishings in rugs, cushions, and even wallpapers.


How about adding a touch of festivity in your dream home with fresh wallpapers? Brands like Origin, Estahome, Tenue de Vila offer stunning collection in wallpapers to give your house walls a look like never before. After all, festivals are not just about gifting others but ourselves too, isn’t it? Let’s get you to pamper yourselves, shall we?


Pick from our wide range of artistic wall coverings and adorn your house walls with striking colors in intricate designs.We at Nirmals always strive to deliver the best of the home furnishing world to you. We love decorating your house and your loved ones’ with the best in the industry. Long-lasting range in modern, traditional, trendy, colorful, artistic or super-glamorous styles, you name it and we have it.


So this festive season why not pick something unusual to gift yourself and to the special people in your life. Bring that charm to your gifts and see the faces of your friends and family brighten up with joy and happiness.

Festivals are meant to spread happiness and joy around, so let us do just that with a bang this time.


Go Bold: Let Colors do the Talking!

Everything sparkles a little more during the festive season. The commencement of Ganesh Chaturthi brings along a scent of festivity in the air. The colourful merriment of Navratri and the festive fervor of Diwali, breathes in an aura of happiness and positivity. This brings along a sense of excitement for everyone to add a dash of newness to their living abode.

For some it is about redoing the home with new paint and wallpapers, others introduce freshness with new furniture or décor while for a few it is all about revamping the entire home furnishing. Undoubtedly, a little playing around with the mix of drapes, upholstery and linens can bring out a gorgeous amalgamation of colour, texture, print and embellishment.

It’s time to dress up your couch; sofa or bed with eclectic cushions and throws in lively color mix. Our assortment of cushions celebrates diverse prints and patterns inspired from across the globe. Intricate embroideries, serene Ikats, Moroccan lattice prints, exquisite paisleys and earthy block prints, each nomadic pattern have a story to tell.



If ‘minimalism’ is your thing then the ideal way to keep a sophisticated look is by maintaining a balance between neutrals and bright tones. Try to do your upholstery in a dark palette of navy or grey and throw some jewel tone cushions in order to channel some positive vibe.


Color trends in home décor are gaining popularity with each passing year. But, to create an impactful look of your home without going overboard, the perfect idea is to play around with the ongoing trends in order to create an effortlessly stylish décor. Talking about colours, let’s move on from cushions to the curtains because festive season often calls for the new ones.

So, let your guests be awestruck with beautiful drapes of curtains. Feminine flowers, interesting geometric patterns and rich jewel tones oozing regality, will render a fresh appeal to your room. Blinds and curtains with soft floral prints look lovely throughout the year. Whether you wish to have a festive makeover or redo your space during Spring, blooming flowers always lend a fresh appeal to each and every corner of a room.




For a luxe treatment to your windows, opt for opulent jewel tone curtains in sumptuous fabrics of velvet and suede. Feel like a king or queen at your palace with such rich textural imprints. Lastly, let’s not forget geometry plays a pivotal role in our lives and not just in Mathematics! Fascinating play of shapes and symmetry breathes in life to structural patterns. Attention-grabbing spheres and a web of rhombus pattern can add a new dimension to your curtain, cushion covers and bed linens.



After a tiring day, one certainly wishes to have a sound sleep in the lap of luxury. Nothing beats the comfort and softness of our latest selection of bed linens. Our line of breathable linens in gorgeous color palette is what you need to own to complete the colorful look of your home.

So, let’s add some happy colors to your home with Nirmal Furnishing.

Monsoon Décor Essentials

Monsoon Décor Essentials

Monsoon has crept in through the gaps beneath our doors and is spreading all over. Petrichor all around and an awakened sense for deep-fried samosas are all the signals you need to confirm. In our cozy and plush homes, as monsoon takes over the décor, it becomes important for the décor to complement the mood as well.

We all love to spend time watching rains dropping on our window sills, protected from the storm raging outside in the protection of our luxurious homes. This monsoon, double the love by bringing home Monsoon Home Décor Essentials that compensate rather heavily for missing out on the common cold from standing out in the rains to enjoy them:

Dewy Drapes

Know that mid-century modern drapes of subtle shades are the quintessential modern décor mood-lift. Stay in when the rainy days refuse to let up and enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling brought to you by décor that is exclusively designed for your taste.

Classy Candleholders

Scented candles are a perfect way to bid adieu to unpleasant rain-smell. And don’t forget, monsoon is for romance; light up your bedrooms using candles perfectly aligned on their stands and rework that romance against the misty rains.

Eclectic Cushions
Rains might be the purveyors of love but they also bring along with them reasons for cancellation of carefully planned night-outs. When traveling becomes a pain in the neck, why not invite friends over instead? Decorate your hang-out spots with eclectic cushions and throw pillows that not only make up brilliantly for the trashed plans but also provide a sense of luxury unavailable anywhere else outside.

Maximum Comfort Mattresses

Being home is more of a feeling than a location: it is the feeling of comfort in the lap of luxury. So, when you stay home this rainy season(since rains call for some home-time), make sure you do so allwrapped up in glee and ease as you enjoy the gushing rains, albeit at a safe distance.

This monsoon, let it rain love.

An article by Nirmals furnishing


Add a Touch of Elegance with Designer Luxury Cushions

Do you want a home makeover? Define your drawing room with posh cushions for
your couch or floor. Add that spark and break the monotony of your existence by
adding in some electric colored pieces of these soft furnishing décor products.
Earthy fawn-beige or smoky grey walls? Break it with satin-smooth scarlet red, hot
pinks or turquoise blue cushions. Use a few scatter cushions with rich prints here
and there to get a splendid looking room. Isn’t it true that opposites attract? So, pair
the synthetic furs and opulent cashmere patterns with rich velvety diverse soft
furnishings. A dash of color does wonders for your aristocratic.


A bedroom speaks volumes. May all your dreams come true as you lie on the most
luxurious pillows highlighting the rich satin bed sheet. Place vibrant velvety
cushions on your window seat and lean back to enjoy a book. Persian carpets alone
do not contribute to your floor décor. Large exclusive floor cushions in wide-ranging
designs are now available in any soft furnishings showroom. Place it on the ground
and let your portico showcase your affluent lifestyle. Filled with polyester fiber, wool,
cotton, foam or feather; add on beautiful floral-print seat pads to your stylish wicker
or antique teak chaise lounge. Add a contrasting elegant cushion or more to a
leather recliner, pretty accent chair or expensive rattan chair. From round to
rectangular, luxury cushions are now available in many shapes and sizes. A furry
and cuddly heart-shaped one is sure to please your valentine!
Manifest a different era prosperous decorative look with silky Mughal motifs,
Victorian knitted fabric, rustic Aztec civilization print or leathery-suede Wild West
cushion brands. Carry along a pillow or cushion when travelling. These soft
furnishing items are for both indoors and outdoors. On sofas, beds, chairs; when
sitting, sleeping or eating, add on cushions for great style and luxury. Hug, lean
back or place your head – cushions are everyone’s best friend. Adorn your palace
with royal cushions for everyone to behold.
Give Regality to your Home with the New Timeless—Bespoke curtains & cushions

Give Regality to your Home with the New Timeless—Bespoke curtains & cushions

A home is where the heart is. Bring in imperial settings that compliment your royal outlook; opulent, luxurious and affluent with the help of splendid drapes. What better way to take care of your precious abode than by accessorizing it with soft furnishing elements. Cocooned in the comfort of such luxury brands around, indulge your imagination by bringing in the best décor with sophisticated curtains hanging at your doors and windows.

From modern eyelet to classic embossed pinch pleat, choose from the wide variety of colorful types, and customize. Sheers, velvet, cotton, linen, organza, jacquard and voile…pick from the finest of checks, embroidery, stripes, cut works, and block prints. Let in the sea breeze, desert sand, flowers or autumn leaves with the help of these wonderful creations called curtains, offered in stunning shades of the sun, rain, snow. Simulate the exotic locations that you have traveled to and reflect it with drapes that speak of rich taste.


Buying curtains is a craft when done well, accentuates plush interiors. Showcase your sophistication and character through these high-quality soft furnishing articles Opulent, bohemian, vintage, or royal – invest in high-quality extravagant fabric to make a room come alive. 20-july-nirmals

Fetch admiration for your exotic home draped with exquisite bespoke designer curtains by Nirmals at Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. Let the compliments flow!

Guide to Luxury Living!

Guide to Luxury Living!

Maybe you have out grown your fascination for your old interiors or you’ve just moved into a new home and desire a luxurious & comfy space in your abode. Check out our inspirational guide to add fresh & lively appeal to your interiors at a pocket friendly price.
While soft furnishings are primarily considered to enhance the décor of a space, they possess several other benefits & values to a home owner.
Consider your space as a blank canvas and follow the under mentioned steps to a spruced-up interior!


Start with the rug as a benchmark

A rug is probably the first thing people notice about your interiors as it serves as the foundation for any room. Therefore, it’s a good idea to set the tone with a rug. It will not only pull colours and design elements together for a harmonious look but also help in defining the zone of other components to be followed. Depending upon your aesthetic preferences, make sure the hues & pattern or design matches or at the least complements your walls. We’d refer a subtle textured rug to begin with.


Adorn with some palatial cushions

Besides using cushions to adorn your well-worn sofa and providing a more comfortable experience, these soft furnishings are easily replaceable. Just revamp the cushion covers according to mood, theme or season! We’d suggest a contrasting texture, prints or designs to add some glamour to a subtle interior and vice-versa.


Include a throw

Throws are the easiest & cheapest way to give your home some serious style points and much needed freshness. This versatile ensemble can be draped over the sofa or a worn-out chair to add visual interest. You can choose from a range of printed fleeces to tasseled throws.



Preserve the sentimental value of your favorite chair or sofa by reupholstering. Reupholstering can be a great way to infuse your old furniture with new life. You’ll be surprized at the outcomes. You can choose from a range of colours, fabrics, designs and patterns!

Living Room Curtains Jcpenney Fresh Curtain Draperies And Curtains Jcpenney Window Curtains

Hang up curtains

Curtains add to a living room’s aesthetic appeal apart from protecting it from the heat. They are available in a wide gamut of designs, facbric, styles and colours. We’d recommend you to go for a fine & lush fabric with graceful patterns that will make your living room outshine!

Luxuriate in your spruced up living room in style & comfort with a wide gamut of urbane & lush ensembles by Nirmals Furnishing!


Tie The Knot With The Best Wedding Gift Ideas: Home Furnishings and Décor Accessories

Tie The Knot With The Best Wedding Gift Ideas: Home Furnishings and Décor Accessories

Gifting is a time-honored tradition as far as Indian weddings are considered. With wedding season round the corner, some of your friends might be getting hitched soon.
Even though that’s all good news, we know what’s got you worried is the lack of intelligent gift ideas.

Explore a range of creative, unique, elegant wedding gifts with Nirmals

Home furnishings is an immensely popular wedding gift idea abroad and it’s slowly catching on in India. However, it’s not as common here so there’s still a unique bent to this idea which makes for the wow factor. What’s got it hitting a nerve with most of the people is the simple fact that high end designer home decor would symbolize luxury while still being of significant practical value. It’s got a charm of its own along with the promise of lasting forever.

Gift them something that could adorn their new home and you know, curtains make for an absolutely killer sight! Only if selected carefully from the exquisite collection of curtains at Nirmals.

Bedroom linens or other bedroom décor such as designer throw pillows along with curtains would make for an absolute delight of a gift. Let them begin their newly-wed lives with décor that epitomizes the specialness that is their marriage.

You could also gift your favorite one from the couple a special home décor accessory such as an eclectic chair. Marriage can be overwhelming so they could use the special chair for some much needed me-time.

Since the newly-weds would soon be hosting guests at their new homes, luxe home decor for their guests will make an impression. So if you can’t afford an entire sofa set, you could gift them brilliant upholstery from an exclusive range at Nirmals. Throw in a good-lookin’ pillow or two!

Untitled-1 copy 2
Marriage can be overwhelming so you can gift your newly-wed friends some personalized décor or a decorative for their favorite corner in their homes so they can have some me-time. Like an eclectic pillow or two. Or you could gift them grand and golden candle-stands so they can enjoy some moon-lit dinners. After all, what is romance without candles?

Untitled-1 copy copy
Fine home decor is a sign of abundance, as our elders have stressed over the years. Gift the special ones home decor from a range of styles that are classy, luxe and practical. Shop at Nirmals for exquisite gifts to enjoy the best occasions in life.