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Monsoon Décor Essentials

Monsoon has crept in through the gaps beneath our doors and is spreading all over. Petrichor all around and an awakened sense for deep-fried samosas are all the signals you need to confirm. In our cozy and plush homes, as monsoon takes over the décor, it becomes important for the décor to complement the mood as well.

We all love to spend time watching rains dropping on our window sills, protected from the storm raging outside in the protection of our luxurious homes. This monsoon, double the love by bringing home Monsoon Home Décor Essentials that compensate rather heavily for missing out on the common cold from standing out in the rains to enjoy them:

Dewy Drapes

nirmals 12-07-2017

Know that mid-century modern drapes of subtle shades are the quintessential modern décor mood-lift. Stay in when the rainy days refuse to let up and enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling brought to you by décor that is exclusively designed for your taste.

Classy Candleholders

nirmals 12-07-2017-1

Scented candles are a perfect way to bid adieu to unpleasant rain-smell. And don’t forget, the monsoon is for romance; light up your bedrooms using candles perfectly aligned on their stands and rework that romance against the misty rains.

Eclectic Cushions

nirmals 12-07-2017-2

Rains might be the purveyors of love but they also bring along with them reasons for cancellation of carefully planned night-outs. When traveling becomes a pain in the neck, why not invite friends over instead? Decorate your hang-out spots with eclectic cushions and throw pillows that not only make up brilliantly for the trashed plans but also provide a sense of luxury unavailable anywhere else outside.

Maximum Comfort Mattresses

nirmals 12-07-2017-3

Being home is more of a feeling than a location: it is the feeling of comfort in the lap of luxury. So, when you stay home this rainy season (since rains call for some home-time), make sure you do so all wrapped up in glee and ease as you enjoy the gushing rains, albeit at a safe distance.

This monsoon, let it rain love.



Styling up your modern homes has become more important than ever. A need of the hour is immaculate home décor that makes a statement for you. The way you style up your homes, the living rooms in your homes, the couth A dining in those living rooms, even the upholstery you use for those couches –all of it gives away a profound idea about you.

Your taste in furniture is a crystal clear reflection of your taste in life. So, do not shy away from hitting the pause button and taking a while to understand the aesthetics of upholstery.

Stand-alone Upholstery
One of the best ways to spice up your modern loft is to randomize your style a little. Accessorize with chairs that boast of bold, striking patterns to make certain corners of your rooms stand apart. Upholstery enhances functionality and beautifies the furniture by turning it special. So, the chair in your living room you love reading in or the chair you love having in your bedroom or just a random chair in any corner of your elegant home –any and all of it could use some luxurious, exclusive upholstery.

nirmals 13-06 pic1

Bold floral prints make for an interesting pattern. This understated upholster works well for a setting where you don’t want the furniture to stand out yet look in line with your modern style quotient.

nirmals 13-06 pic2

Furniture that boasts of striking motifs and inviting designs add splendor and style to your home. Upholstery that matches curtains and cushions is a fascinating sight!nirmals 13-06 pic3

Eclectic designs combine the traditional and the modern just for some quirks. Their surprising contrasts are very much in vogue and are essential in making a grand statement.

Do It With Dining Tables!
Dining table is the number one place to bond with your family and have a great time together. Keeping that in mind, its aesthetics must be the of the topmost quality.

nirmals 13-06 pic4

You could do a classic design to turn each dinner into a sophisticated celebration.

nirmals 13-06 pic5

Or work your quirk by choosing designs that lighten the mood and make for an entertaining environment.

Upholstery For Your Bedrooms
Bedrooms are special and, therefore, need the utmost attention with which to decorate them. A bold centerpiece for a bed with a grand headboard will exuberate magnificence while a cozy yet sophisticated upholstered headboard will make for a soothing sight at night.

nirmals 13-06 pic6

Give your bedroom a formal look with designs that spell class and confidence.

nirmals 13-06 pic7

Cozy settings that smell of comfort and luxury are only made possible by top-notch upholstery.

For Your Living Rooms
The furniture in your living room is a window into your life. And perfect upholstery not only gets rid of the rough feeling of furniture, it adds to its durability and turns ordinary furniture into celebratory.

nirmals 13-06 pic8

Go grand with upholstery that utilizes exquisite materials and lends a vintage feeling to your living room

nirmals 13-06 pic9

Or keep it cool by using patterns that are contemporary and fun for a setting that is luxurious but cozy.


If you’re a porch potato, you have to use upholstery that is not only comfortable but also delightful. For gorgeous outdoor settings such as porches and decks, upholstery that epitomizes comfort and quality is an essential!

nirmals 13-06 pic10

nirmals 13-06 pic11

Interesting patterns on benches could be used to adorn verandas or gardens or use it for a special corner in your very home!

Upholstery that works with unique motifs and striking characters and utilizes only the best of fabrics are at your service, here at Nirmals!



No need to mince words. Poetry does not mince words. It flows spontaneously.

The poetry of aesthetics leads you through a repertoire of marvellous ensembles each woven and crafted to make you swoon to its awe-inspiring spectacle!

article 23-05 pic 1


Through Miss Anwesha Kapoor’s eyes:

Somehow that wall wasn’t making sense anymore. It stares at us blankly when we dine out in the hall, having nothing to offer. I wanted some fresh inspiration to shake me up and that’s when I thought I would want my wall to be articulate.


article 23-05 pic 2

Through Nishant’s eyes:

Every morning I woke up, the wall facing me comes crashing down on me as if I am supposed to bear its weight of melancholy. This very wall is supposed to inspire me every morning like a vision board. That’s when I decided I need it all to be done anew.

article 23-05 pic 3

Through Nikita Parekh’s eyes:

I like loftier things, the extraordinaire because life’s too dull already to settle for monotony. I like to paint my canvas with all the colours to create a chimera of abundance and beauty. I did the same with one of my living room walls.

article 23-05 pic 4

Through Tam’s eyes:

I had to amp up the mood of the walls in my jamming studio.  That is the only place in my house I hang out at most of the time, with my friends. So, magic happened! The gigs also happened!

article 23-05 pic 5

I guess we’re just a step away from the marvelous when we experience the existential ennui.  Just a tint of inspiration and a fresh start awaits us. The poetry of aesthetics is such that it takes us to the highs that we seek and deserve to explore. Nirmals Furnishings has been embarking on the journey of creating a metaphor for the finer renditions of life since a decade now. Visit the studio and embrace the SPECTACULAR!


Behind every beautiful home, lies a speck of inspiration.

article 04-05 pic1

On a summer day, Natya came home along with her bunch of school friends as it was their sleep-over day. When led through the stairs to the dining room for dinner, it was a jaw-dropping experience for Natya’s friends.

article 04-05 pic 2

The interior décor of the dining room and the hallway was an aesthetic delight: drapes with metallic royal tones emphasized with chic tie-backs, an artifice that sat in a corner nuanced with traditional motifs and lush colours against the wall covered with a bewitching turquoise wall-cover neatly designed, a fluffy and soft-hued rug underlining the two sets of flower vases that stood at either sides of a magnificent dining table.

The view was picturesque and looked like a post-modern celebration of artistic fragments culminating to produce an eclectic whole.

article 04-05 pic 3.jpg

It was Natya’s mother who had gathered inspiration for her interiors as she was a connoisseur of the arts. A mental picture of a gala dining room was its inception and, getting the different furnishing ensembles was the next step. It was an ad on a popular décor magazine of the Yugantar collection at Nirmals Furnishing that led her to the Nirmals Studio. The rest was a dream sweetly manifested into becoming a melange of aesthetically enriching décor ensembles. Nirmals Studio houses an exhilarating range of inspiring décor ensembles from internationally recognised brands such as Sunbrella etc. Stop by at the store for some much needed inspiration!


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Enough drama, clichéd gifting rituals, eating out; all that just to fizzle out the very next day!

This time, make romance last and swoon with every passing day. How?



A little break from surface love stories will lead you into understanding that love indeed begins from the self. The love of the self slowly spreads its aura into the surroundings and, isn’t what Plato said in his time breath-taking enough to shake us up from our monotonous lives? That all people had four legs and two heads, and that the gods threw down thunderbolts and split them into two. And since then, all people spend their lives looking for their other halves. Might sound hyperbolic to the contemporary mechanical era but, we do sit down to soften our minds from the humdrum of this existence, don’t we?

So, steal some charm from the old- school romance sagas and spread them around in YOUR interiors, let the romantic airs of February seep in and sweep you off your feet!


You might as well pluck out the old wallcovering or revamp that wall that has lost its will to speak to you and stir your soul. Let the walls come alive and add sing-song tales to your love life.



Surprise your beau with the enigmatic and bewitching beauty of the curtains that you now decorated your interiors with, letting romance brew through the living room with the pretty and gorgeous throw-pillows scattered around.



As true as that Coldplay track might seem, lights can dramatize an entire effect or allow its impact to stir the poetic spells your personality covertly carries. Bring a lampshade enticing as ever in its nonchalant effervescence, and let the charm take over the entire room. We bet you’ll not recover from its spellbinding aura.


And when you’ve mastered the art to beautify your interiors and let it resonate with your personality, it’s finally time to pop open that bottle of champagne and celebrate love with your special one.




A New Cult in Décor: Traditionalist and Timeless

“Old is Gold” is probably the most common proverb youngsters keep coming across especially by the generation X. It seldom makes sense unless you begin to view a vivid example of it in terms of your interior décor. Not just History fanatics, any Art lover or people who have a slight Romanticism towards home décor will jump right in. You hear it right, exotic heritage materialized into décor prints now is your home-buddy. The rich Italian flair or exquisite Moroccan style walls are all tried and tested. Bring home the historical motifs from our own country to write a personalized narrative to your homes. “Yugantar” by Nirmals Furnishing is a personalized cultural insignia for your luxurious and loving homes, a rare range of luxury furnishing fabrics. Its Aestheticism is a compound of minimalism and heritage that is now ready to take on as the front-row representatives of interiors enriched in age- old traditional motifs and prints, historical architecture that comes home to you.


The fact that it is a “fat” theme on its own requires one to be conscious of what he/ she wants his/ her home to embody. You can either blend styles from different zones of Indian architecture and history like designs portraying traces from Indus Valley Civilization or from the Temples of Varanasi or, keep it one zone at a time for the interior décor of each room. Textiles of India’s true origin, upholstery in jacquard or velvets that carry ethnic prints stand as an original style statement.



Madhubani, ecstatic and rich in its colourful and geometrical prints is one of the most celebrated art decors. Indian homes with the fetish for ethnic décor do not fudge from adorning the interiors with Madhubani art. Walls become verbalized with narratives from the past; mythological narratives turned into imaginative and improvised accounts in painting are a luscious ethnic appeal. From cushions to curtains, Madhubani prints serve as a status quo to urban homes.


Ajanta Caves host a multitude of paintings and architecture that traces back to the 1st Century CE. This exotic mix of images and sculpture is a familiar sight with the introduction to Yugantar, the old traditionalist architecture and art find their refuge now in personalized spaces of Indian homes. So long since the dawn of the British Raj, the appeal of Indian art and architecture was a fetish for Victorian homes. However, Indian art the West harps on is a skewed version of the original, just like Chinoiseria from China. Go back to the Old to bask in the glory of New in décor.



Polyester or Poly- Cotton curtains in block prints serve as the ethnic- contemporary flair of modern Indian homes. The colourful patterns along with the thoughtful elegance of the ethnic appeal add to the bounty of interiors. Long drapes with uniformly crafted designs or, a mixed patchwork of any Indian art forms like Madhubani or traces from temple architecture breathe fresh imagination to interior décor. We are aware of the touch of Royalty such interior art achieves especially because of a traditionalist leaning towards classical art and architecture. The classical is held in high esteem and it becomes a status symbol for the ones who flaunt it appropriately.

The warm -up session to embracing the festive season on its way is calling forth for rich motifs and festive colours to deck up your interiors. Why leave any stone unturned? Yugantar is your opportunity to add a new and festive spark to your living space