A New Cult in Décor: Traditionalist and Timeless

“Old is Gold” is probably the most common proverb youngsters keep coming across especially by the generation X. It seldom makes sense unless you begin to view a vivid example of it in terms of your interior décor. Not just History fanatics, any Art lover or people who have a slight Romanticism towards home décor will jump right in. You hear it right, exotic heritage materialized into décor prints now is your home-buddy. The rich Italian flair or exquisite Moroccan style walls are all tried and tested. Bring home the historical motifs from our own country to write a personalized narrative to your homes. “Yugantar” by Nirmals Furnishing is a personalized cultural insignia for your luxurious and loving homes, a rare range of luxury furnishing fabrics. Its Aestheticism is a compound of minimalism and heritage that is now ready to take on as the front-row representatives of interiors enriched in age- old traditional motifs and prints, historical architecture that comes home to you.


The fact that it is a “fat” theme on its own requires one to be conscious of what he/ she wants his/ her home to embody. You can either blend styles from different zones of Indian architecture and history like designs portraying traces from Indus Valley Civilization or from the Temples of Varanasi or, keep it one zone at a time for the interior décor of each room. Textiles of India’s true origin, upholstery in jacquard or velvets that carry ethnic prints stand as an original style statement.



Madhubani, ecstatic and rich in its colourful and geometrical prints is one of the most celebrated art decors. Indian homes with the fetish for ethnic décor do not fudge from adorning the interiors with Madhubani art. Walls become verbalized with narratives from the past; mythological narratives turned into imaginative and improvised accounts in painting are a luscious ethnic appeal. From cushions to curtains, Madhubani prints serve as a status quo to urban homes.


Ajanta Caves host a multitude of paintings and architecture that traces back to the 1st Century CE. This exotic mix of images and sculpture is a familiar sight with the introduction to Yugantar, the old traditionalist architecture and art find their refuge now in personalized spaces of Indian homes. So long since the dawn of the British Raj, the appeal of Indian art and architecture was a fetish for Victorian homes. However, Indian art the West harps on is a skewed version of the original, just like Chinoiseria from China. Go back to the Old to bask in the glory of New in décor.



Polyester or Poly- Cotton curtains in block prints serve as the ethnic- contemporary flair of modern Indian homes. The colourful patterns along with the thoughtful elegance of the ethnic appeal add to the bounty of interiors. Long drapes with uniformly crafted designs or, a mixed patchwork of any Indian art forms like Madhubani or traces from temple architecture breathe fresh imagination to interior décor. We are aware of the touch of Royalty such interior art achieves especially because of a traditionalist leaning towards classical art and architecture. The classical is held in high esteem and it becomes a status symbol for the ones who flaunt it appropriately.

The warm -up session to embracing the festive season on its way is calling forth for rich motifs and festive colours to deck up your interiors. Why leave any stone unturned? Yugantar is your opportunity to add a new and festive spark to your living space


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